Company Profile


RBT Training is a South African company that prides itself in its value-added service and world class products. Registered as Ron and Becky Trading, its primary business areas are technology and business training, conferencing & workshop organisation, short courses and recruitment.


RBT Training is to become the leader in technology and business training, conferencing and short courses on the African continent and globally.


RBT Training offers exceptional service and products: its staff members are thoroughly trained and its products are checked for value-added quality.

In order for RBT Training to provide the quality products and services demanded by our clients and by our partners, and in order to maintain a long-term business relationship with them while remaining an inspirational and indispensable provider of innovative services and products for businesses, we are committed to upholding sound and ethical business principles and practices.


The following are some of the workshops RBT Training organizes and runs throughout the year:

  1. Corporate social responsibility
  2. Predictive maintenance and scheduling in plants
  3. Multi-shift Operations
  4. Health and safety in mines
  5. Handling of hazardous chemical substances
  6. Production & operations: Capacity planning and control
  7. Investment management: the risk-return framework
  8. Industrial marketing strategies and consumer behavior
  9. Fleet management
  10. Effective multi shift operations for managers and supervisors
  11. Contract Management and SLA’s
  12. Maintenance planning, scheduling and work control
  13. Customer care service
  14. Statistical Method Validation for Test Laboratories
  15. Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  16. HV & MV Switch-gears: Selection Maintenance + Testing
  17. Secretaries and PA project management and basic finances
  18. Lean Maintenance and Lean Plant Management
  19. Advanced project management.
  20. Transformer Operation, Testing and Maintenance And many more
  21. Supply Chain and Tendering Fraud
  22. Arc Flash Safety For Electrical Personnel
  23. Innovative Shiftwork and Rostering Management


Our core values at RBT Training are:

  • Integrity: staying true to our vision and mission
  • Dynamism: reflecting our spirit and commitment to work under pressure and meet your deadlines
  • Innovation: providing only groundbreaking services and products that have been appropriately researched
  • Professionalism: conducting all business transactions in a professional manner
  • Openness: reflecting our attitude to new ideas, innovation and new products
  • Customer satisfaction: reflecting our commitment to exceed your expectations and maintain good and sound relationships with our clients and partners
  • Fairness/ Equal Prospects: treating our clients and employees with respect for the principles of fairness, equality and professionalism.