Measuring ROI in Training Workshop

Explore the Value Shift: Aligning Training, Transfer of Learning & Return on Investment (ROI)

Course Objectives:

  • Establishing the business case of measuring ROI in training within your organisation
  • Analysing ROI best practices from some of the forward-looking organisations
  • Understanding the guidelines for effective ROI measurement
  • Avoiding and planning against the pitfalls of ROI and training measurement
  • Accurately determining the costs and benefits of training interventions
  • Confidently converting costs and benefits of your training programme to Rand value
  • Getting to grips with the practicalities involved when applying ROI in an organisation
  • Drafting and implementing an ROI plan in your organisation
  • Compile integrated evaluation and ROI reports for your organisation
  • Apply the ROI implementation process at your organization


Optimising Employee Wellness Master Class


The latest statistics from Statistics South Africa reveal that lifestyle-related diseases are reaching almost epidemic proportions. ‘In South Africa we lose R15 billion per annum and 132 million workdays due to premature employee deaths related to cardio-vascular disease (high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and obesity), and over R20 billion is currently lost as a result of absenteeism and lower productivity related to illness and disability (sources: SACOB).

Employee wellness programs has become a top agenda for most businesses as they try to reduce employee healthcare costs over time. Employee wellness isn't a nice-to-have; it's a must-have for companies looking to attract and retain top talent unfortunately, far too many Wellness programs fail to achieve the desired employee participation and return on investment due to poor upfront planning and design.

We will explore the globally competitive marketplace for wellness and deliver practical strategies that apply across diverse business settings and regulatory environments. The Master class brings together workplace wellness leaders to the table to learn, be inspired and generate ideas to enhance the profile and effectiveness of their workplace wellness efforts.

South African corporate research, training and conference entity established in 2008.we specialize in organizing business conferences aimed at proving interactive, insightful information and analysis about issues facing businesses in Southern Africa. We excel in helping companies get more outcome based training results. We simplify the corporate education necessary to get develop customized tools to plan and project company profitability. Our programs are developed through thorough research and a deep understanding of the critical concerns facing professionals in the public and private sector domains. We enable a platform that takes you and your organization from where you are… to where you want to be!

Payroll Administration and Employee Remuneration

With latest developments around the payroll administration and employee remuneration

Why this impressive workshop?

RON & BECKY Trading is pleased to invite you to our intense three days’ workshop on payroll and employee remuneration, where you can discuss relevant payroll and remuneration topics, interact with leading recognized expects and engage with others working in your industry sector

Benefits of Attending:

Payroll Administration is becoming more onerous for every business. Not only must the payroll administration functions run smoothly with the correct levies and taxes being paid, but a comprehensive database of employee information complying with statutory requirements needs to be maintained.

Remuneration Management has also been formed in recent years. Balancing the budgetary and economic constraints of supply and demand with strategic issues, such as attracting and retaining key talent as much as the legislative requirement for pay equity and the need to defend any differentiation in remuneration has evolved. We learn more



Advanced Essential Skills For Office Management & Administration Master Class


This master class is designed to increase the skills of senior support personnel across a range of disciplines. The master class identifies and examines the key components of the role and within each element builds up a range of approaches and techniques for operating an efficient office or support team. These elements include: interpersonal skills, communication, organizational and time management competencies. Delegates will acquire skills and techniques required in a blended and integrated way that will meet the challenges of the workplace.

Throughout the master class, you will practice key communication, organizational and planning skills In attending this master class, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the key components within the job role of the Office Manager/ Executive Assistant / PA
  • Practice the business writing techniques and skills demonstrated by the facilitators
  • Discuss practical ways of enhancing time management, Minutes taking, report writing and compiling proposals

Executive Secretaries, PA’s and Administrator’s

Course Overview

This intensive, interactive course has been designed specifically to give you a comprehensive understanding of the professional skills that will make your job easier. Learn key management techniques to ensure you perform your role confidently and efficiently. Maximize your value as an employee by proactively contributing to the overall effectiveness of your department or organisation. Develop your skills in practical hands-on sessions so that you can put them into practice as soon as you return to the office. This course is your chance to learn how to optimise your own productivity, increase the effectiveness of your team and cope with an increased workload while dealing with difficult people. Attend Master Class 2011 and take control of the work around you.


Finance & Budgets PLUS MS Excel for Secretaries & PA's

Course Overview:

As an assistant, you are well aware that priorities and concerns of Executives and business are changing constantly, and that you have to be on top of these shifts in order to remain effective and relevant in your workplace; Understanding, possessing and applying the relevant skills sets such as preparation of budgets, reading of financial statements, analyzing figures and costs, is a manifestation of adaptability to change;

Finance and budgeting is the language of business and those who do not understand it are significantly disadvantaged;

Business finance has key concepts which are wrapped up in technical jargon which is incredibly daunting for those unfamiliar with this; So if you haven't been trained to prepare a budget, read financial statements, analyze figures, expenditures and cut costs then this course is just for you;

This 3-day comprehensive workshop includes one and a half day devoted to MS Excel; This is your opportunity to learn how to make the most of everything Excel has to offer, including finance and budgeting activities;

This full day covers the toolkit such the window components, data manipulation, formatting, formulas and functions, workbook manipulation and more;

Mastering the basics of Microsoft Excel 2007 & 2010 will allow you to confidently and efficiently maximize your use and the full potential of Microsoft Excel, which is a form of language used in finance and budget management; Save the dates; You don’t want to miss this highly informative and empowering workshop!


Main Objective of this Course:

To accelerate organizational productivity gains, and increase your network efficiency through best practice Records Management

Chaos Control, Amount of Data, Value of Data and Risk of Losing Data                                                                

By attending this practical workshop you will:

  • to conduct a disaster review
  • to conduct a risk assessment for records
  • to develop and implement a counter
  • disaster plan for records
  • to develop a vital records inventory
  • Implement disaster preventive and recovery strategies for vital records