Maintenance planning, Scheduling and Work Control

This workshop is accredited by the South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) (ECSA) with 3 CPD points reference No. SAAMA006

Course Summary

An intensive three-day course on Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Work Control is the program provides the delegate with study material on the basic principles of effective maintenance planning, as well as proven techniques for the development of an effective Maintenance plan, the planning and control of maintenance work, shutdown management, Management reporting and analysis.

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Safety Earthing, Bonding & Lighting Protection of Electrical/Electronic System & Equipment

Course Overview:

The course is intended to provide theoretical and practical knowledge that enables the participants to have an in-depth understanding of the codes that govern the correct earthing applications and designs, overall theory of the installations and the essential issues relevant to systems and equipment earthing. The link between earthing and lightning, the associated subject of surge protection and the inspection procedures for industrial distribution and utilities will also be examined in detail at this workshop.


safer first

Process Safety Management (part of our OpEx series of events)

Training Course

Understand the key principles of process safety management and develop strategies to achieve best in class performance

Benefits of Attending

Understand ‘what is process safety’ and what are the key elements

Understand the concept of leading and lagging process safety indicators

Know and understand international standards and best practices

Be able to identify and analyse process Hazards

Be able to identify and minimise risks associated with abnormal operations including start-up and shut-down

Be able to categorise and investigate process safety incidents by severity

Best Practices in Multi Shift Operations

Course Introduction

Process plants are high volume and high risk environments. The impact of any operating error can be serious and, in some cases, fatal. By their very nature and design, such facilities require shift working but this creates a very unique set of issues and challenges. Safe and efficient operation is essential. It is also most important to ensure that the needs of the shift teams are met in terms of personal wellbeing, personal development and team development.

By understanding the issues and dealing with them effectively, organisations can achieve the very best results.

This course is designed to enable managers, supervisors and operators to understand the issues associated with shift working and to implement strategies to ensure that they can achieve the very best results in a shift working environment.


Project Management for Engineers

About the Course

This course is based on the principles of the PMBOK® Guide and aims to introduce new project managers to the best practices to be followed when managing projects. The course will draw on relevant case studies, demonstrate useful software packages and prepare participants to apply learning from the course in their organizations.

Project management for engineers, the course will draw on relevant case studies, demonstrate useful software packages and prepare participants to apply learning from the course in their organizations. Specifically, the course covers the following key areas:

Why we do projects

  • The Project Manager and Team
  • Planning the Project
  • Budgeting the Project
  • Scheduling the Project
  • Allocating Resources to the Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • Evaluating and Terminating the Project

Practical Variable Speed Drives

This Workshop is Accredited by the South African Asset Management Association (SAMIC_CPD_C148) with 2 CPD Points.

Course Overviews

This intensive two-day course on Practical Variable Speed Drives for Instrumentation and Control Systems is a generic program developed to provide delegates with a proper understanding of the operation of Variable Speed Drives; the motors that they control; and the applications that they interact with. During these two days, delegates will learn not only how drives work, but also how to use the advantages that VSDs bring, and how to overcome some of the drawbacks that they introduce. In addition, they will be exposed to the way in which drives are matched to applications to achieve optimum results.

Throughout the course, there are demonstrations of motors, drive peripherals and the waveform produced by drives. Without pushing any particular make of drives, users are how to anticipate and overcome the problems associated with drives, and to maximize the advantages.



Centrifugal Pump Optimization

For Instrumentation and Control Systems

This workshop is Accredited by the South African Instrumentation & Control (SAIMC) with 2 CPD Points

Course Introduction

Pumps are very often treated as commodities, and as long as they produce enough volume, are ignored. However, there are very few plants where pumps are not a headache – maintenance problems or mysterious non-delivery or even periodic catastrophic pump destruction in some cases. This intensive workshop examines, in a structured way, how pumps should be sized for a particular application; the reasons why pumps have problems, and how to overcome them through proper sizing, installation and operation.

This intensive, two-day workshop takes a structured approach to the factors influencing the flow rate, and the root causes of reliability problems.


Transformer Operation, Testing and Maintenance

This workshop is Accredited by the South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) with 3 CPD Points Ref No: SAAMA 00561

Course Synopsis:

Transformers are very reliable devices and can provide service for a long time if regularly maintained. Modern transformers and switch-gear are much more efficient than they were half a century ago but are subjected to more power dips and harmonic distortion than before. Transformer failures, when they occur, are usually of a very serious nature and require costly repairs and long downtime. The best policy against transformer failure is to ensure that they are properly operated and maintained. For all practical purposes transformer life expectancy beyond 20 years significantly depends on the quality of maintenance applied to it.

This course is focusing on critical issues that should be considered in establishing good operating practices and implementing an effective transformer and switch-gear maintenance program. It provides very practical guidance for maintenance scheduling, operational and testing procedures to achieve long service life of power and distribution transformers and switch-gear.



Advanced Instrumentation & Process Control Workshop

This Workshop is Accredited by the South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) (ECSA) with 3 CPD Points Ref No: SAAMA 006

Course Introduction

Practical aspects based on Management Policy and Budget through Staffing to Equipment , Maintenance management, shut-down planning fault finding tips, FAT, SAT and On Site Commissioning

Industrial Instrumentation and process control is a vast field with almost exponential rate of new technology refinements.

Many practitioners do not have the time nor the facilities to stay abreast with these advances.

This workshop briefly reviews all the basics of the craft, outlining the practices and procedures required to achieve success in Industry.

Advances in all major areas of Instrumentation and control technology are presented.

This workshop sets out to address the possibilities for improvement in an orderly, managed way.

Opportunities for improvement through standardization saves any company. One such example is the application of radar based level measurement systems. Radar is the ONE technology that handles ALL applications found on the plant floor.

This workshop will empower those bold enough to “try”. The facilitator did it over many years, with remarkable results.

MVLV Electrical Reticulation Design, Installation and Upgrade

This Course is Accredited by the South African Asset Management association (SAAMA) with 3 CPD Points

Objective of this Course

To comprehend design and application of protection schemes to any component of MV and LV Reticulation system such as overhead power lines, underground cables, power transformers and substation bus bars.



HV & MV Switchgears: Selection, Maintenance + Testing

Endorsed and by SAMIC_CPD_C_148  South Africa Asset Management Association 2 CPD Points

Course Overview:

Switchgears (and circuit breakers) are critical components in electrical distribution systems and their operation significantly affects the overall performance of the system.

This course will discuss the selection, maintenance and testing issues relating to medium and high voltage switchgear and circuit breakers. Low voltage switchgear will also be covered and you will receive a thorough grounding in switchgear theory and standards. You will gain a solid understanding of the issues associated with the proper application, maintenance and testing of these critical items of equipment with an overriding emphasis on safety. The focus is on air blast, oil, SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers. Other power system protection components will be discussed as well to ensure that switchgear is understood in the correct context.

Installation of high voltage distribution and transmission equipment has increased significantly over the years due to ongoing global demand for power. As a result, the need to ensure reliability of operation of power systems is paramount. It is critical that all personnel operating and working with such equipment have a sound knowledge of their operational requirements and maintenance. The course will develop and enhance an understanding of what is involved in the maintenance of these essential components of the power systems, through the tips and tricks learnt and developed by some of the world's pre-eminent electrical engineers.

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