RBT Training is a South African Company that prides itself in its value-added services and world class products, Registered as Ron & Becky Trading cc, its primary business areas are technology, business and Engineers Training, Conferencing workshops organization, short courses and recruitment


RBT Training is to be the leader in technology and business training, conferencing and short courses in the African continent and globally.


RBT Training offers exceptional services and products: its staff members are through trained and its products are checked for value-added quality.

In order for RBT training to provide the quality products and services demanded by our clients and by our partners, and in order to maintain a long-term relationship with them while remaining an inspirational and indispensable provider of innovation services and products for businesses, we are committed to upholding sound and ethical business principles and practices.

No matter what your organization needs may be, you can be confident that RBT Training has the solution that is right for you. Our services range from conference, in-house training and No matter what your organization needs may be, Meaning more options for you to find what you need, when and how you need it. Workshops,

RBT Training offer development programmes designed to develop essential skills and build effective and profitable organizations. Our comprehensive portfolio of programmes provides leading-edge learning solutions in such diverse disciplines as Business Management, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance, Project Management, Contracts and Procurement Best Practices.

RBT Training

Vision is to create a work environment where employees develop personally and professionally, and where employees have fun, develop advocate clients by providing valuable services, and create profit for the company.

The quality, expertise and dedication of our employees enable RBT Training to serve as a trusted resource
for professional consulting and services. We continually strive to improve our products and services.

• We set high standards in terms of services for our customers.
• We respect each other and value everyone’s contribution to our organization.
• We value financial health for our organization.
• We value the continual growth and development of our internal stakeholders (contractors and employees).